We are here again to share with you how the project implementation is going.

The Proma project’s partners are working on the first intellectual output, Identifying pathways to integration. It involves the needs’ analysis report, which analyses the challenges that Roma women face in all participating countries. It will be a solid base for the design of the capacity building programme and the local pilot interventions for Roma women. It is important to know the educational needs of Roma women and the skills educators should have in order to be able to support them.

The process has been divided into 3 steps: The first one is a research at a national level to identify the specific country contexts and actual needs of Roma women, this entails a comprehensive research in all 4 implementing countries, focusing on the identification of the specific needs of Roma women and the exact problems they face which prevent their inclusion.

The second one is an identification of best practices at the EU level related to the integration of Roma women at a local level. In this case, the research will be made focusing on good practices related to the integration of Roma women at the local level. The last step is carrying out a needs’ assessment to identify the specific needs of Roma women and formal & non-formal educators of Roma people. This will be accomplished by taking the findings of the first and second task mentioned above.

That’s all for this post! You will hear from us as soon!