Last January 18th, the first meeting of the PROMA partnership was held online. In this first meeting, the partners met and presented the management of the most important aspects of the project. The first steps to take in order to achieve the objectives pursued by it have also been discussed.

This project aims at achieve a positive impact on the lives of the Roma women participating in the project, at an educational, labour, economic and social level. To achieve this purpose, the project has two target groups:

  • Formal and non-formal educators of Roma women.
  • Roma women themselves.

The objectives of the project will be achieved through the intellectual outputs that will be developed by the partners, these are:

  • Identification of the path towards integration: it consists of the detailed analysis and studies of the situation of Roma women in the different countries of the partnership, to define their needs for better development and integration.
  • Development of the capacity building program for formal and non-formal educators working with Roma women. In this case, online materials and tools will be created to help educators.
  • Pilot training. The training developed in the previous intellectual output will be put into practice by means of a webinar.
  • Design and implementation of pilot programs with Roma women.

6 partners from 5 different countries are part of the partnership, namely:

  • CLNR (Romania).
  • Symplexis (Greece).
  • Magenta Consultoría Projects (Spain).
  • Asociatia Centrul Pentru Legislatie Nonprofit (Romania).
  • BK Consult GbR (Germany).
  • Citizens Association For Support Of Marginalized Groups Roma Resource center skopje (Republic of North Macedonia).

When creating the partnership, the idea was to connect partners from countries in which the percentage of Roma population was higher, in this way the project could reach a larger group of beneficiaries.