This course aims to increase the capacity of Trainers and Tutors who are working or will deliver empowerment and upskilling to Romani Women. The intention is to increase their skills, knowledge and overal understanding about the needs of this group, in order to deliver more efficient empowerment and training solutions, reducing drop-outs and creating a better learning expertience. Within this context, we are going to provide an overall approach and deepen in various fields including:

  1. the Roma culture and the perceptions,
  2. the situation of social exclusion,
  3. the empowerment process adjusted for romani women,
  4. adult training techniques adjusted to the profile of Romani women,
  5. provision of good practices and collaborating exercices that will help trainers to increase the learning experience of their target group (Roma women) in the fields of tackling low literacy (numeric and language skills).

Other areas that are going to be covererd, include Career Management Skills for individual romani women who wish to enhance their career-related skills, consisting of four mains stages;

  1. the knowledge of self,
  2. the knowledge of market needs and employment horizontal skills,
  3. the career exploration process and
  4. finally digital skills needed in order to be considered as eligible candidates for a job position.

Finally, it will provide them guidance on how to build an career management plan adapted to romani women.

  • Empathy – Self Awareness & personal development skills of Roma Women
  • Adult training techniques for Trainers
  • Roma history, culture and identity
  • Professional development skills
  • Increase of low literacy (numeric and language skills), techniques for Roma-Women

Trainers / Tutors working (or intending to work) in the field of upskilling / empowerment of romani women

  • Understand the particularities of the romani culture
  • Support the social inclusion process of romani women
  • Increase their skills in the design and delivery of better learning experiences