For several decades now, International Roma Day has been celebrated annually on April 8, both to draw attention to the challenges that Roma communities are facing and to celebrate the Roma identity and culture.

The Roma population is the largest ethnic minority in Europe, with approx. 10 to 12 million people, of which almost 6 million live in the European Union, most of them in countries such as Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.

Unfortunately, the Roma are also the most marginalized and vulnerable community in Europe, 80% of them living in poverty, without access to education, social and health services, jobs and decent housing. Despite the measures taken by the European Union and the inclusion strategies implemented at the national level, Roma people continue to be victims of discrimination and stereotypes.

Through the project Promoting the integration of Roma women (PROMA) we actively contribute to the empowerment of Roma women, through education.
The second important step is to facilitate access to the labor market, especially for Roma women, who face multiple forms of discrimination. The low level of formal education, racist experiences and conservative gender roles in their families are among the key factors limiting their access to the labor market, according to a recent report on the experience of Roma women in Finland, Italy and Romania, which can be accessed HERE.

Based on these conclusions, we are very happy to invite you to attend the roundtable “Promoting the inclusion of people with an intersectional minority profile into the labor market”, which will take place online, on April 12, starting from 11.00 AM (Bucharest tine). The debate will bring together representatives of NGOs / NGO networks active in the field of anti-discrimination and social economy from several European countries, as well as other entities at EU level. In order to participate, please register HERE.

Happy International Romani Day!

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