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Introduction: What is the Romani Culture and the overall needs of romani women
"""Introduction"" part introduces the participants the importance of supporting romani women on a tailored basis and why new techniques and skills in the adult training area are needed. Introduction of what are the Units and supporting tools of this online course`, as well as the course aims & learning outcomes, the duration and the structure of it. " By the end of this module, the learner will be able to understand the aim and the structure of this course and the importance of enhancing the learning experience for romani-women.
Module 1: Empathy – Self Awareness of Roma Women
This module will provide an overview of how to support romani women to discover their true self, their talents and interests in order to build carefully on future career action plans. By the end of this module, the participant trainer / tutor will be able to increase self-awareness of their learners romani-women increasing their empowerment, empathy and provide an increased learning experience that will decrease drop outs.
Module 2: Handling perceptions about Roma-Women
This module will provide some ideas on how to approach romani women, understand their perception and develop tolerance. By the end of this module, the participant trainer / tutor will be able to understand better the Romani culture and history, handle perceptions and master the origins of discrimination and their negative effects on Romani women.
Module 3: Adult training techniques for Trainers
This module will give the opportunity to the adult trainer / tutor to learn about new techniques that are increasing the learning experience of romani woman, create a higher upskilling framework and decrease their dropout levels. By the end of this module, the participant trainer / tutor will be able to master new techniques of adult education to be used for the delivery of trainings to Romani women, increasing the learning experience and rising attention, participation, minimizing drop outs. On the other hand he will be able to spot job opportunities and to handle the online tools and applications that will support his career development.
Module 4: Good practices of empowerment and increase of low literacy (numeric and language skills), techniques for Roma-Women
This module will introduce trainers good practices, exercises and other techniques that are used succesfully for the increase of low literacy of romani women. By the end of this module, the participant trainer / tutor will be able to become familiar with best practices that can be used or adapted during the design and development of a thriving learning experience for romani women.
Supporting Educators to deliver formal / non-formal upskilling for Romani women
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